Student Competition

Mechatronic retaining and releasing system
Locking retainer with integrated damper

Start date: March 1, 2018
Deadline for competion documents: August 31, 2018
Award Ceremony: October 2018

ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbH

INNOVACE 2018 is finished

ACE Studentenwettbewerb - Mechatronisches Halte- und Verschließsystem

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We will be accepting draft designs with technical documentation on function and feasibility (Part A) and a communication and control principle for interaction between locking retainer with internal sensors and smartphone (Part B).

Said element should be a damped locking retainer mechanism to be released using an external control device (smartphone). The type of lock actuation mechanism may be mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, or any combination thereof. The only specification on the shape and  size of male and female combination is a general condition supporting a connection between rod and male at 5 mm in diameter. The retainer must be able to communicate its open or closed state to a smartphone. The mechanism must be able to hold double the weight of 10 kg with the receptacle (male) suspended in the retainer (female).

More than 30% of the kinetic energy should be absorbed in the retardation or damping mechanism in the receptacle (male). The mass should be guided into the receptacle without oblique impact. The damper should consist of a simple polymer buffer cut out from SLAB.  Technicians at ACE will be pleased to assist in selecting and documenting the damping element.

Applicants/applicant teams must register once at the beginning of processing by means of a registration form or by e-mail to

The chair, lecturer or professor accompanying the candidate or candidate team must be named.

The winning team or individual will receive a cash prize of € 5,000, and the accompanying chair of the winning team will receive additional support at € 2,000.


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