Vibration-Isolating Pads

Customisable in many forms

Universal Damping Plates
Natural frequency 12 Hz to 50 Hz

Universally applicable and custom manufactured: ACE supplies cushioning pads in the SL-170 to SL-720 range under its brand name SLAB. These universally applicable absorbers are made from highly cushionable elastic PUR materials. The 12.5 mm or 25 mm thick plates can be supplied with a density of 170 kg/m3 to 720 kg/m3 provide made-to-measure vibration isolation. They can be combined as isolation packages and custom-made to suit requirements, using water-jet cutting. Other made-to-measure options from ACE include on-site vibration measurement and product selection, a special sizing software package, and cost-neutral design.

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Universal Damping Plates


Stroke6.5 mm mm
A800 mm
B1,500 mm
C12.5 mm

Technical data

Standard density 210

Stroke 6.5 mm mm

Operating temperature range -30 °C to +70 °C

Environment Resistant against ozone and UV radiation. Chemical resistancy on request.

Material Profile body: mixed cellular PUR-Elastomer (polyurethane)

Standard colour blue

Safety information

Fire rating: B2, normally flammable, according to DIN 4102

On request

Special versions with further dimensions such as thicknesses, colours, shapes and drawing parts e.g. curves.

General information

Application Examples

Vibration-Isolating Pads - SLAB 170 to SLAB 720
Interference frequencies in a switch cabinet caused two parallel-connected transformers to vibrate so much that working quietly in adjacent rooms was all but impossible. Because they stood on the ground, it was their weight that caused office...
Vibration-Isolating Pads - SLAB 170 to SLAB 720
In a hydropower plant, screw pumps caused a noise level of 86 dB. This was happening due to the direct transmission of the forces generated during the pumping process to a water tank. This caused the entire facility to vibrate. The background...

Application Areas

  • foundations for presses, plants and machinery
  • buildings
  • compressors
  • staircase bearings
  • pipeline insulation
  • crane rail systems
  • pumping stations and generators
  • vibrators and crushing systems
  • conveyor technology
  • transport routes, bridges
SLAB plates can be used in many applications, such as foundations for plants and machines, compressors, pumping stations and generators.

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