Emergency separation systems for underwater pipelines

Industrial Shock Absorbers MC33 to MC64
MAGNUMS allow for emergency quick disconnection of the pipelines from the oil rigs Copyright: Subsea Technologies Ltd, Aberdeen, AB12 3AY, UK
Traditional Energy
offshore industry, machines and plants, conveyor technology, impact or collision protection, transport systems

Innovative XR connectors guarantee safe separation of wellhead and pipeline in an emergency situation

A pipeline from the rig to the well head that is as flexible as possible is considered to be a quick-disconnect connection in an emergency. Nevertheless, this connection made at the oil source on the sea floor is an Achilles heel. If the connection snaps or if it cannot be separated quickly enough during hazards such as storms, unpredictable, often serious consequences can hardly be prevented. With the so-called XR connector, the safety at this critical point is significantly increased. In the innovative design 10 MAGNUM industrial shock absorbers from ACE per connection master this important task.

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