Safety Dampers

Compact one-off deceleration

Irreversible Emergency Stop Damper
Energy capacity 562 Nm/Cycle to10,953 Nm/Cycle
Maximum stroke 25 mm to 80 mm

Once only, but safely: ACE now offers these innovative single use TUBUS TI absorbers for emergency stop applications as an alternative to the successful TUBUS profile dampers. In comparison to standard elastomer absorbers, these safety dampers ensure energy absorption of up to 96 % without a recoil effect. The dampers are deformed in the impact and cannot be reused afterwards.

The easy to assemble and maintenance-free single hit damper are also a cost-effective alternative to the hydraulic safety shock absorbers from ACE. They are made of a high quality synthetic with an inside metal core and absorb up to 10,953 Nm energy.

The TUBUS TI is mainly used as emergency stop damping in linear axes, tool machines, servo drives with high speeds and other similar areas.

Technical data

Energy capacity 562 Nm/Cycle to10,953 Nm/Cycle

Stroke max. 25 mm to 80 mm

Energy absorption 91 % to 96 %

Dynamic force range 37,138 N to 204,127 N

Operating temperature range Co-polyester Elastomer: -40 °C to +90 °C
Polymer: -25 °C to +50 °C

Standard colour white (TI16 blue)

Construction size 32 mm to 63 mm

Material Profile body: co-polyester elastomer or polymer; Guide sleeve: metal

Mounting in any position

Environment Resistant to lubricants and chemical attack according to resistance list. No UV resistance.

Impact velocity range Max. 5 m/s

Torque max. Finger tight

Application field emergency stop damping in linear axes, portal systems, test stations, electro-mechanical drives


The single-use damper must be replaced after each impact.

Mounting information

A clearance of 10 mm must be provided behind the damper thread during assembly. Please also screw in the absorber finger tight and secure it with 2 drops of Loctite type 480.

On request

Other construction sizes on request.


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