Viscoelastic Shock Absorbers

Long-lasting solutions for emergency stops

This series is the interesting addition to ACE's security portfolio. Simple and compact in design, durable and maintenance-free in operation, these dampers are effective alternatives to existing emergency stop solutions.
Easy to install and also easy to integrate into existing constructions, the individual types of viscoelastic shock absorbers from ACE perfectly meet many of today's requirements for safety solutions, especially in large applications. They offer a wide range of possible energy absorption and are also ideally equipped for many applications with the corresponding stroke lengths. After installation, this ensures lasting peace and quiet as well as perfect protection. ACE also offers customized individual solutions especially for this damper series.

Product families


VS The self-adjusting Viscoelastic Shock Absorbers are designed on the principals of hydrostatic compression to combine the funtions of a shock absorber and a spring.


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