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Keep it Simple!

In 2014 ACE successfully launched the VibroChecker App. The concept was to create a simple-to-use and self-explanatory mobile tool for the measurement of vibration and shock.

ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbH

The VibroChecker App is available today in three languages as a free installable iOS app from the Apple Store.

ACE wins automation app award 2014

VibroChecker PRO

The VibroChecker PRO is the next logical development step. It's a professional version that allows you to quickly and easily measure vibrations of up to 8,000 Hz. This iOS app can be run on an iPhone or iPad. It still allows you to use the Apple OEM sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope and microphone which limits measurement to 50 Hz or a professional-grade external sensor for improved results.

VibroChecker Pro App     +    Digiducer Sensor 333D01

For professional measurements up to 8,000 Hz, an external USB sensor (Digiducer 333D01 - is connected via the Lightning port for Apple products or USB for Desktop PC. The sensor is not included in the price of the app.

The app VibroChecker PRO was developed primarily to provide a professional tool for the measurement of vibration by our technical staff and our partners. The price in the store is a nominal charge for the respective updates.

Core functionalities of the VibroChecker PRO app:

  • 3-axis measurement
  • Variable measuring time
  • Variable start delay 0 to 20 seconds
  • Triggering
  • Select the sampling frequency 10Hz to 100Hz for the internal sensor, 1Hz to 16kHz for external Digiducer sensor
  • Adjustable Auto Repeat function
  • Transmission / storage of measurement data via email as a CSV file

Further information about DIGIDUCER sensor:

After you take a measurement, we are happy to assist you to find appropriate vibration technology solutions. We offer a broad product portfolio with rubber-metal isolators, air springs and vibration isolation pads.

How-to videos - VibroChecker PRO

Here you will find simple operating instructions for the app:

And here you can find out more about using the VibroChecker PRO app in combination with the external sensor from Digiducer:


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