Rotary Dampers

The flat disc brake for two-sided damping

Continuous Rotation
Damping torque 2 Nm to 8.7 Nm

The damping direction of the flat constructive ACE rotary damper FDT with robust steel body is two-sided rotation. It can brake directly in the pivot point of the square receptacle. ACE rotary dampers are maintenance-free and ready-to-install.

Technical data

Damping torque 2 Nm to 8.7 Nm

Damping direction bidirectional

Construction size Ø 47 mm to 70 mm

Rotational speed max. 50 rpm

Lifetime 50,000 cycles (1 cycle = 360° left-hand, 360° right-hand). Even after this time, the dampers still produce over approx. 80 % of their original damping moment. The service life may be significantly higher or lower, depending on the application.

Operating temperature range -10 °C to +60 °C

Material Outer body: steel; Output shaft sleeve: nylon

Mounting in any position

Mounting information

No axial or radial forces may be induced via the shaft.

Safety information

Do not use rotary dampers as supports. Provide an external guide or support.

On request

Special accessories available on request.

Application Examples

FDT Protective flap on bread slicing machines
FDT Protective flap on bread slicing machines
To exclude the possibility of injury when using bread slicing machines on self-service counters, the automatic bread slicing process does not start until the flap of the modern machine is closed. To simplify the operation and to thereby increase acceptance of the self-slicing principle among users, two-way rotary dampers of the type FDT-57 ensure smooth opening and closing of the door. Even ...
FDT - Steering damping rotary brakes
FDT - Steering damping rotary brakes
Pistenbock GmbH relies on rotation dampers from ACE in its innovative tobogganing vehicle called Pistenbock-Cross. These help to effectively damen unexpected steering turns and smooth the overall process to improve driving comfort and safety. Two FDT-70 rotary dampers are mounted counter-rotating with the use of spacers underneath the steering stool. A square square engages in the rotary ...

Application Areas

  • crane systems
  • loading and lifting equipment
  • hydraulic devices
  • electro-mechanical drives
The profile dampers from the TC range protect cranes, loading and lifting equipment, hydraulic units and much more.

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