Automation Control

Miniature Shock Absorbers
SC300EUM; 5 to 9

Piston tube design for maximum energy absorption

Self-Compensating, Piston Tube Technology
Energy capacity 73 Nm/Cycle
Stroke 15 mm

Added safety with accumulator technology: The larger 'soft contact' models from the SC²300 to SC²650 are available with up to three times the energy absorption compaired to similar sizes of standard shock absorbers SC190 to SC925, due to the ACE piston tube speciality. Furthermore, the membrane accumulator serves as a compensation element for the oil displaced in the shock absorber and replaces the standard use of absorber materials. This increases process safety even further.

The absorbers, which are perfect for rotary modules for example, are available in progressively stepped effective weight ranges with an integrated positive stop. They are maintenance-free and ready for direct installation. The side load adapter option allows impact angles of up to 25°.

These miniature shock absorbers offer high performance levels with a long service life and are particularly popular for handling, mounting very close to pivots and automation tasks.

Technical data

Energy capacity 73 Nm/Cycle

Stroke 15 mm

Impact velocity range 0.09 m/s to 3.66 m/s. Other speeds on request.

Operating temperature range 0 °C to 66 °C

Mounting in any position

Positive stop Integrated

Material Outer body: steel corrosion-resistant coating; Piston rod: hardened stainless steel; Accessories: hardened steel and corrosion-resistant coating

Damping medium oil, temperature stable


If precise end position datum is required consider use of the stop collar type AH.

On request

Increased corrosion protection. Special finishes.


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