Increase speed and reduce downtime with automatic sealing of screw caps

Miniature Shock Absorbers MC150 to MC600
Pump spray bottle being handled by friction wheels, detail of our miniature shock absorbers for higher cycle rates and perfect end position protection to the left Copyright: Metallatelier GmbH, Deggenhausen, Germany
Mech. Engineering & Automation

Safety and productivity in harmony with miniature shock absorbers from ACE

A customer of Metallatelier GmbH needed a special machine for automatically capping bottles with disinfectant during the COVID-19 pandemic. The German company optimised a proven design for this purpose. This is also because the designers chose our miniature shock absorbers for end position damping and limiting the contact roller gripping movement. At the bottom, two MC150EUM brake the pneumatic linear slide, serve to limit the closing movement in the end position and also protect the entire construction in the event of an accident. At the top, a harder designed single type MC150EUMH ensures saved space and safe deceleration of the slide.

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