Impact damping for heavy industrial wood saws

Damping Pads SLAB 030 to SLAB 300
Impact protection for wooden battens Copyright: Stora Enso Timber AG, 2601 Sollenau, Austria
Mech. Engineering & Automation
impact panels, handling modules, luggage and transport belts, conveyor technology, impact or collision protection

ACE damping plates provide large-area impact protection in industrial wood saws using the sandwich method

In this application, SLAB damping mats SL-030 with a thickness of 12 mm were screwed between two steel sheets over the entire surface in order to protect wooden strips with different weights and impact speeds of approx. 2 m/s. This creates an even damping effect over the whole impact area, which protects the impact surfaces of the battens from an excessive impact load. The minimisation of recoil as well as reduction of noise are further positive side effects of this construction.

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