Profile dampers and compact sliders: sheet metal working up to 1 million strokes

Profile Dampers TUBUS TA
The O-KS compact slide from voestalpine Camtec GmbH: premium solution for maximum precision and performance in toolmaking as well as sheet metal working, in which profile dampers from ACE serve as an integrated stop Copyright: voestalpine Camtec GmbH, 4020 Linz, Austria
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TUBUS profile dampers offer more protection for a longer life

For the forming, folding, punching and cutting of steel sheets, voestalpine Camtec GmbH wanted to realise new compact slides that achieve service lives beyond 1 million strokes. The company was looking for compact dampers that could absorb the greatest possible forces when integrated into the tool as an end stop. After a consultation and sampling process, the choice fell on ACE TUBUS profile dampers.

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