Running board damping for electric scooters

Profile Dampers TUBUS TR
Profile dampers increase the riding comfort of an electric scooter
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Increased driving comfort through efficient shock absorption on the running board of electric scooters

TUBUS profile dampers make driving an e-scooter a real experience. The footboard of an electric scooter should be dampened to enable the driver to experience a comfortable ride even over potholes and other bumpy surfaces. Ideally, the characteristic line should be furnished with a soft increase in force over a long stroke. The elegant look of the scooter as well as the folding mechanism designed to save space have not allowed the use of feasible damper solutions up to now. Inferior alternatives such as rubber dampers made of polyurethane or simple steel springs could not be considered from the start. The TUBUS profile damper TR52-32H offered the perfect solution with its compact construction design paired with progressive damping action.

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