Tilt-in-space functions for hygiene and toilet chairs

Industrial Gas Springs – Push Type GS-8-V4A to GS-40-VA
With inclination angles of 15 degrees to the front and rear, the ACE stainless steel gas springs facilitate the work of nurses Copyright: Rifton Equipment, Rifton, New York 12471, USA
Medical & Health
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Made-to-measure ACE stainless steel gas springs for hygiene and toilet chairs make it easier for nursing staff to work with patients

A special hygiene and toilet chair, designed for children and young people with disabilities, must be firmly lockable in the sit and tilt positions. The practical aid thereby provided for relatives and carers can be attributed to two lockable ACE industrial gas springs (push type) which were especially developed and manufactured for this application and operate on the basis of the so-called tilt-in-space function. This allows the chair to be tilted forwards and backwards and provides significantly more convenience for users and patients. In order to meet all hygiene requirements, the gas springs are constructed in stainless steel.

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