Simple operation of a sampler for clean rooms

Hydraulic Dampers HB-12 to HB-70
Matching the overall stainless steel construction, the hydraulic dampers made of coated steel are integrated in stainless steel sleeves and serve to open, hold and close the sampler cover Copyright: Pinpoint Scientific Limited, Bridgend, Wales, United Kingdom
Medical & Health

More comfort also in the laboratory with hydraulic dampers

When redesigning a microbial air sampler, Pinpoint Scientific wanted that certain something: in addition to complying with the hygiene rules for laboratories and clean rooms and protecting people and materials, the aim was also to achieve maximum ease of use. For opening, holding and closing, this was achieved by integrating hydraulic dampers of the HB-15-50 type. In order to meet the cleanliness criteria, they were filled with a special vegetable oil of the same viscosity instead of mineral oil for the damping function and encased in stainless steel sleeves.

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