Rubber-Metal Isolators ensure peace and quiet in luxury caravan

Rubber-Metal Isolators Bubble Mounts
Professional vibration isolation leads to significant reduction of noise emissions Copyright: Peter van Dijk, Dijko Ovens B.V., 5026 RA Tilburg, Netherland
Heavy Trucks, Customized Vehicles

Silence enters the caravan with Bubble Mounts

In a luxury motorhome, two compressors, each weighing 7.3 kg, are responsible for the air supply system of the suspension, doors and toilets when parked. These are poorly insulated as standard, so their vibrations are transmitted to the bodywork and disturb the passengers' sleep, especially at night. After using our design tool for the online calculation of vibration dampers, the owner provides a remedy in the form of four bubble mounts each and a degree of insulation of over 95 percent.

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