Vibration isolation of test stands and measuring tables

Low Freq. Pneumatic Levelling Mounts PLM
Various components of the Iserlohn University of Applied Sciences test stand, such as the DC motor which drives the oil pumps, cause the structure to vibrate. Now, PLM air spring elements from ACE positioned at six supporting points ensure silence Copyright: South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Machine Building, 58644 Iserlohn, Germany
Mech. Engineering & Automation
oscillation insulation, test stations

Individual vibration damping for complex pump test stands through low-frequency air spring systems

A university of applied sciences team optimises oil pumps to reduce the fuel consumption of combustion motors. Numerous tests are necessary for this. A test stand caused undesired vibrations. PLM air spring elements from ACE ensure damping at several points. The optimum design was achieved with the company-produced measurement case and an external measuring sensor that was connected to a tablet PC. The low-frequency elements provide a significant isolating effect from a frequency of 5 hertz and above, and prove themselves to be significantly more effective than the previously used rubber-metal isolators.

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