Decoupling of production machines

Low Freq. Pneumatic Levelling Mounts PLM
14 pneumatic levelling elements reduce vibration on an 1,800 kg machine Copyright: LIBEERT, 7780 Komen, Belgium
Mech. Engineering & Automation
oscillation insulation, machines and plants, measuring tables, production plants, finishing and processing centres

ACE solution for the decoupling of production machines ensures calm in chocolate production by reducing low-frequency vibrations to a minimum

At a renowned Belgian chocolatier, part of the production process led to vibration and oscillation in an adjacent house. Despite numerous tests, the manufacturer was unable to find a solution that could isolate vibrations below 20 Hz, until they came across ACE products. The PLM pneumatic levelling elements from the ACEolator range from ACE offer significant insulation from a frequency of 5 Hz and up. Now 14 PLM-3’s installed in the facility are reducing vibrations by 80 percent. Any remaining vibration can only be detected with measuring devices.

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