Industrial Gas Springs – Pull Type

Very low progression rate

Valve Technology
Traction force max. 150 N
Stroke 80 mm

The solution to a lack of space: If standard push type gas springs cannot be used due to a lack of space, ACES' industrial pull type gas springs come into their own. They work in the opposite way to standard push type gas springs. The piston rod is retracted when the cylinder is unloaded. The gas pressure in the cylinder draws the piston rod in.

ACE pull type gas springs offer the maximum service life thanks to the solid chrome-plated piston rod and an integrated sliding bearing. The maintenance-free and ready-to-install products are available in body diameters of 15 mm to 40 mm as well as forces from 40 N to 5,000 N and are available from stock with valve and large selection of accessories. The traction force can be subsequently adjusted using the valve.
Valve Technology


Stroke80 mm
L retracted147 mm

Technical data

Traction force max. 150 N

Traction force 50 N to 150 N (extended up to 183 N)

Piston rod diameter Ø 4 mm

Progression Approx. 12 % to 22 %

Lifetime Approx. 2,000 m

Operating temperature range -20 °C to +80 °C

Material Outer body, End fittings: zinc plated steel; Piston rod: stainless steel (1.4301/1.4305, AISI 304/303)

Operating fluid nitrogen gas

Mounting with piston rod upwards

End position damping length Without damping. For end position damping use damping material (e.g. TUBUS or SLAB).

Positive stop External positive stop at the end of stroke provided by the customer.

End fittings

They are interchangeable and if necessary must be positively secured by the customer to prevent unscrewing.

On request

Special oils and other special options. Alternative accessories. Traction gas springs with end position damping also available on request.

General information

Application Examples

Industrial Gas Springs – Pull Type - GZ-15 to GZ-40
Averna needed to create an automated control system with specific and precise properties to speed up medical pump testing. The testing unit also needed a functionality that would allow it to be elevated for sterilization and cleaning beneath the...
Industrial Gas Springs – Pull Type - GZ-15 to GZ-40
In order to quickly obtain images of the condition of infected patients' lungs, digital mobile X-ray machines are effective tools in COVID-19 diagnostics. During the first wave in Wuhan, the Wandong company was able to deliver them quickly. This...
Industrial Gas Springs – Pull Type - GZ-15 to GZ-40
Nordgreif GmbH ordered industrial pull type gas springs for a new generation of grippers designed to transport sheet metal blanks weighing several tonnes. In test operation, the tensile forces required for the design proved to be oversized due to...
Industrial Gas Springs – Pull Type - GZ-15 to GZ-40
When optimising a special machine that automatically closes different bottle sizes, Metallatelier GmbH had the task of reducing changeover times. Since a power-independent solution was preferred for the height adjustment and speed regulation of...

Application Areas

  • hoods
  • shutters
  • machine housing
  • conveyor systems
  • control boxes
  • furniture industry
  • shipbuilding
  • assembly stations
  • vehicle technology
  • folding elements
Gas traction springs from ACE are used in industrial applications, especially in mechanical engineering and in medical technology as well as in the electronics and furniture industries.

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