Transport of sheet metal blanks optimised with industrial pull type gas springs

Industrial Gas Springs – Pull Type GZ-15 to GZ-40
For optimum lifting and lowering of the blank gripper table: The industrial gas pull type spring of type GZ-28-600-DD-1200N were set to the final value of 800 N each by the designers in test operation via the valve easily accessible on the outside of the carcass Copyright: Nordgreif GmbH, 22869 Schenefeld / Hamburg, Germany
Intralogistics, Mech. Engineering & Automation, Material Handling

Blank gripper perfectly relieved by industrial gas pull type springs, valve technology and on-site service

Nordgreif GmbH ordered industrial pull type gas springs for a new generation of grippers designed to transport sheet metal blanks weighing several tonnes. In test operation, the tensile forces required for the design proved to be oversized due to deflection pulleys and varying weight ratios when lowering and lifting the loads weighing up to 8 tonnes. Thanks to the valve technology of our gas traction and gas compression springs as well as the know-how of our sales engineer on site, a remedy was successfully found.

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